Vinyl Universal Weep Screed

Trim Purpose

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Flannery’s Vinyl Universal Weep Screed (Patent #5,630,297) is an extruded vinyl product. It serves as a typical weep screed with a unique benefit. The benefit to the Vinyl Universal Weep Screed is the longer return flange on the bottom of the screed, which allows for a tight fit against concrete foundations. Standard weep screeds have a shorter return leg, which can be an issue when installed over steel or wood framed buildings that utilize wood sheathing. Typically, framing members are set at the edge of the foundation and the sheer panels are fastened to the framing. This then creates a gap between a typical weep screed and the concrete foundation. By lengthening the lower return leg, the Universal Weep Screed rests firmly against the concrete foundation eliminating the possible gap.

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Manufacturer's Specifications

The Vinyl Universal Weep Screed is available in one size and comes in 10′ lengths. Since the Vinyl Universal Weep Screed is vinyl, it can be used for radius foundations without having to cut the screed itself. Flannery’s Universal Weep Screed is also available in different metals. Click on the Brake Shapes & Flashings tab under the Exterior Trim tab for more information.

Attach Vinyl Universal Weep Screeds to the framing with nails, screws, or other approved fastening methods. Attach the bottom edge of the Universal Weep Screed no less than 1″ below the joint formed by the foundation and framing. The nose of the screed must be no less than 4 inches above raw earth or 2 inches above paved surfaces. The weather resistant barrier (two layers of building paper required if plywood sheathing is used) and lath must entirely cover the vertical flange and terminate at the top edge of the nose or ground flange (per ASTM C 1063, Sec. 7.11.5).


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