Brenda Boss Bear Valley Resource Center feat. Cement Panel J-Mold

Flannery is honored to be a part of the Brenda Boss Bear Valley Resource Center named after an extraordinary woman who dedicated her life to bringing proper medical care to her town of Big Bear.  The Brenda Boss Bear Valley resource center, coined as a “one-stop shop”, provides the Bear Valley area with a variety of different health and education resources.  The facility will be the new home of the Family Health Care Center, the Mom’s and Dad’s project, and will offer perinatal services as well.

The building design encompasses the similar wilderness look seen throughout Big Bear while incorporating modern touches through the use of Flannery’s trims. Our trims created sleek lines and modernized the transition of the various materials used on the soffits of the building.

Flannery’s soffit vents were used to minimize moisture build-up. The contractor also installed Flannery’s Cement Panel J Mold’s (CPJ 375) which were utilized as a border trim around the soffit paneling creating a contemporary detail. Flannery is proud to have been a part of a project that will provide a multitude of exceptional services in honor of a pioneer in the Big Bear Valley.

Brenda Boss Family Resource Center in Bear Valley, CA.

Flannery's Cement Panel J Mold utilized as border trim around the soffit paneling.

The Brenda Boss Center's entrance showcases a great blend of various materials.