Golden Nugget featuring Panel T-Molds and X-Molds

The Golden Nugget Atlantic City is the newly renovated hotel and casino in the middle of the Atlantic City Marina. Over the last several years, the Marina has been transformed into the new location of everything hip and glamorous along the Jersey shoreline. The Golden Nugget’s renovation was a $150 million makeover that improved it as a property and made it the gold standard for hotel construction throughout the northeast.

To generate the kind of luxury that the Golden Nugget offers with all of its properties, the architects and designers wanted to accentuate the custom wenge wood panels with “mirror-like” aluminum reveals. The contrast between a dark wood grain and a polished aluminum reveal sends the ultimate message of quality workmanship and artisan aesthetics.

Flannery shipped over 40,000 lineal feet of custom polished aluminum reveals including multiple sizes of its Channel Screeds (PCS) to accommodate different panel thicknesses and reveal widths. In addition to reveals, Flannery also supplied its X-Mold (XPM), which created all of the outside corner edges found throughout the main lobby and elevator bays. Custom T-Molds (TPM) were developed to create the framework for special light fixtures along the casino floor.

View of Golden Nugget's Atrium from the Check-in Desk.

View of the ceiling inside the Golden Nugget's Atrium.

View of the Main Lobby of the Golden Nugget.

Main Showroom Entrance featuring Flannery's Polished Trims