Plaster Reveal

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  • 01 Channel Screed Vent Align Splice Shapefinder BjB 300x300 - Channel Screed Vent

    Channel Screed Vent

  • 05 Plaster Control Joint Shapefinder Standard BjB 300x300 - Plaster Control Joint

    Plaster Control Joint

  • 01 Plaster Channel Screed Shapefinder BjB 300x300 - Plaster Channel Screed

    Plaster Channel Screed

  • 07 Expansion Reveal Shapefinder V BjB 300x300 - Expansion Reveal

    Expansion Reveal

  • 08 Weeping Expansion Reveal Shapefinder Part A B R1 BjB 300x300 - Weeping Expansion Reveal

    Weeping Expansion Reveal

  • 09 Weeping Reveal Shapefinder BjB 300x300 - Weeping Reveal

    Weeping Reveal

  • 14 Plaster Deep V Reveal Shapefinder BjB 300x300 - Plaster Deep V-Reveal

    Plaster Deep V-Reveal

  • 15 Plaster Short V Reveal Shapefinder BjB 300x300 - Plaster Short V-Reveal

    Plaster Short V-Reveal

  • 20 Smooth Finish Channel Shapefinder BjB 300x300 - Smooth Finish Channel

    Smooth Finish Channel

Flannery’s Plaster reveals create an aesthetic reveal in any stucco wall system. Plaster reveals break up plaster or stucco walls by creating horizontal and vertical reveal lines and come in a number of depths for different stucco thicknesses as well as a number of reveal widths for just the right design look.