UNC Genetic Medicine Building

Completion Date: Fall 2008

The University of North Carolina began construction of its new Genetic Medicine Building back in 2005. The $110 million building was dedicated in May 2008. Once completed it became the new home of UNC’s EshelmanSchool of Pharmacy and the School of Medicine. The seven-story building contains five floors of laboratories and accommodates 600 employees.

Flannery provided new dies for three different Concealed Fastener Trims (CFT). These trims were installed in the building’s interior. The Concealed Fastener Trims created 1, 2, and 4-inch wide trims that sat off of the interior walls along the building’s work corridors. The contractor installed base plates of the CFT’s and then attached the main trim cap, which hid all fasteners from view.

4305878371 62cdfb0234 - UNC Genetic Medicine Building

View of the center stairwell in the Genetic Medicine Building.


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Flannery’s Concealed Fastener Trims are visible along this interior corridor.

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