Sunset 2014 Idea House featuring Drywall Shadow Mold

The 2014 Sunset Idea house is located about 20 minutes from Los Angeles in the exclusive neighborhood of Manhattan Beach, CA. Sunset editors along with local architect Louie Tomaro teamed up with local designers and contractors to create a modern beach house that incorporates the latest architectural design concepts. Sunset is a lifestyle brand showcasing all of the latest trends in the Western U.S through their magazine, websites, and other various publications.

Bill Davis, leading drywall contractor in the Los Angeles area, was selected by Sunset to install and finish the interior walls of the home. Bill Davis, having worked with Flannery in the past, knew that Flannery’s Drywall Shadow Mold was the perfect additive in maintaining the home’s minimalist look. Inspired by the clean European design approach seen throughout the home, Davis utilized our Shadow Molds at the base of the walls to eliminate the formality of traditional baseboards without foregoing style. Flannery’s Drywall Shadow Mold, also known as Z Metal, was utilized in virtually every room of the 4,500 square foot home including the stairway leading to the second floor of the home. Flannery’s Drywall Shadow Mold is the new trend in drywall, creating unique yet timeless interior walls perfect for any home.

Sunset Magazine 2014 Idea House in Manhattan Beach, CA

Flannery Shadow Molds Utilized to Eliminate Baseboard Molding

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