Using Our Shapefinder Tool

shapefiner by flanneryWe want to make the process of finding the right trim for our customer’s needs as painless and convenient as possible. This is why Flannery has a special page on our website known as the “SHAPEFINDER” which gives our web visitors streamlined access to the various aluminum reveals and steel products that we offer.Flannery’s Shapefinder page is broken down by section and category so that narrowing one’s search to a specific wall system is made convenient for the user. The Shapefinder tool is also available by section throughout the website for each category of Flannery’s trim product lines.

Using the Shapefinder page is one of the easiest ways that architects and contractors alike can pick out the exterior or interior trim products that might be integrated into their upcoming project. When it comes to an architect looking to specify a product, the Shapefinder lays each trim out in a way that helps nurture the creative and practical aspect of architectural design.  As for the contractor, the Shapefinder lays our products out in a way that allows them to match a trim shape found in the architectural plans to the corresponding trim that we manufacture.

Once the correct shape is selected on the Shapefinder, the browser simply has to click on that shape and they are automatically directed to the product information for that trim including product name, description, availablibe sizes, CAD drawings and installation instructions. By selecting the right shape and the right style of trim components our customers can quickly pick out what they will want to specify or need to order and have all the information about that product at their fingertips.

Both architects and contractors will enjoy the convenience and “user-friendly” nature of Flannery’s Shapefinder tool. Our staff members are more than happy to help explain the many ways of finding and disseminating our trim products for anyone who may need additional assistance in finding just the right reveal or trim!

If you have any questions regarding our trims, tools or any other matter, please feel free to contact us via email or call 818-837-7585