We Can Help You Find Our Products Wherever YOU Are!

Can Flannery be in two places at once? Yes, yes, we can. For the two and a half years we have been in Texas, some of our customers still think we are still at our Southern California location. Understandably so, we were in Southern California from the very beginning, which equates to 46 years of the time Flannery has been in business! But Flannery has grown so much since the very beginning. Did you know Flannery only sold to the West Coast for years, and if we did business on the East Coast, we would only sell our Fast Mask®? A home in California that Flannery provided Drywall Trims For.

With our continually growing relationships with Material distributors all over the U.S., we now do business all over! And with Flannery in a more central location, we can also service our customers that much better! It helps us be able to guarantee shorter lead times for everyone! We know what our will-call customers must think: “I used to be able to show up for material whenever I needed it; will I now have to wait for something to ship?” Well, the beauty of having material distributors everywhere means we also have an excellent Dealer out in Van Nuys called MDC! We always ship them trucks full of material, so they always have a bunch of our products on hand. That means our will-call customers from Southern California still don’t have to worry about shipping costs! Flannery always seeks opportunities to benefit our customers through availability and lead times. We want to be a reliable partner for all your project needs no matter where you are located.

Call us today, and we can help you find where to buy our products wherever YOU are!