Metal Fast Mask

Trim Purpose

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Flannery's Metal Fast Mask® is a taper's dream come true. While many drywall trims need to be masked before mud, tape, and paint can be applied, Fast Mask® requires no such step. Fast Mask® has a built in masking strip that only needs to be pulled once the drywall and paint job is complete. By cutting one of the most tedious steps out of the installation of drywall trim, Fast Mask® reduces the contractor's costs.

Manufacturer's Specifications

Flannery’s Metal Fast Mask® is a 1/2″ L Metal that can be used around doors, windows, acoustic ceilings, concrete walls, and anywhere you wish to terminate drywall. The built in tear strip makes it a “self-masking” drywall trim, which allows the installer to skip the masking process. Flannery’s Metal Fast Mask® comes in 10’ lengths.

Flannery was the first company to introduce this special Drywall L Metal to the construction industry. This product was invented over 30 years ago by Flannery’s owner and founder and has become known by many in the industry as “Zipstrip” or “Drywall Zip Strip.” Accept no imitations or substitutions, be sure to request Flannery’s Fast Mask®. Flannery steel trims are manufactured according to standard specifications for accessories of gypsum wallboard and gypsum veneer base (ASTM designation C 1047-85).

Part No. Length Ft./Ctn.
Steel FM 10′ 300′
09 Metal Fast Mask Shape Dim 1000 R3 BjB - Metal Fast Mask

Install Flannery’s Metal Fast Mask® to the framing through the drywall with nails, screws, construction staples, or adhesive.

09 Metal Fast Mask Install Detail 1000 BjB - Metal Fast Mask
09 Metal Fast Mask 3D Iso R3 BjB - Metal Fast Mask