Sustainability and Wellness Practices in Architecture are on the Rise

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Sustainability and Wellness Practices
In a world where sustainability and wellness practices are on the rise, it’s no surprise that Architectural design has been changing rapidly due to client desires to have enriched spaces that cater to the environment and individual well-being. Ankitha Gattupalli from ArchDaily states that the “most effective ways to mitigate the propagation of indoor pollutants is by choosing modern, non-toxic, sustainable building materials that are purposely created for safe construction and use in the home –hence promoting physical, mental and environmental health.”

Where does Flannery Land?
How does Flannery Trim fit into this new Age? Well, to start, Flannery Trims are made primarily with Aluminum, which is not only a modern and reliable product that will last, but it is also a recyclable material that one can use again and again! Another great thing about our Trims is their aesthetic! Today, modern spaces can inspire and give way to new ideas, and people thrive in them. So not only are our Trims environmentally friendly, but they can also boost a sense of well-being! People who live and work in spaces don’t want to feel trapped by four dull walls. They want to be in an environment that brings them joy, and the best way to do that is to design the space in a way that breaks boundaries, brings something new, and gives them a sense of purpose. For the past ten years, Flannery has grown and added new Trims for Millwork, Specialty Ceilings, and LEDs because we see just how important it is to make an interior come to life.

Effects of Millwork
Millwork panels can be found in various community spaces, to name a few: hospitals, schools, hotels, and mixed-use buildings. Millwork is a popular material for interiors because it is a sustainable way to bring a “wood” look to a space; some companies will use composite materials, particle boards, and fiberglass instead of wood alone. Adding Millwork Panels to a room is a form of regenerative architecture, which, according to the Global Wellness Institute, is “the practice of engaging the natural world as the medium for, and generator of, the architecture.” To integrate Millwork Panels seamlessly, one can use Flannery’s Millwork Panel trims, which can be manufactured in any color; they can even be made to match and look like they have the same “wood-grain effect.” And Flannery knows just how crucial seamless installation is to a design and thus why we have panel Edges and Reveals that can accommodate the following panel thicknesses – 3/8″, 1/2″, 5/8″, 3/4″, 7/8″, 1-1/16″ and 1-1/8″. Millwork is a great way to add the outside to an interior to give peace of mind to those who occupy the space, and Flannery can help make that happen more easily. 

Effects of Specialty Ceilings
Specialty Ceilings have been on the rise and have grown in popularity in their utilization in schools, office spaces, hospitals, and various commercial projects. What makes specialty ceilings unique is the endless possibilities that Flannery’s Strata Ceiling Trims can bring to Suspended Acoustical and Drywall Ceilings. Flannery’s Ceiling Cloud and Transition trims can all be welded into corners for geometric ceiling shapes. Our Edge trims can also be bent and radiused so that Architects can design fluid or and round ceiling shapes with an aesthetic perimeter. Shawn Burnum, VP of Operations at the Performance Contracting Group, says that the Specialty Ceiling “demand [has] increased over the past five to ten years. Along with growing popularity in San Francisco, … Los Angeles, Las Vegas, New York and pockets of Texas are seeing a shift from traditional ceiling products.” This shift is due to how Specialty Ceilings bring life and innovation to a space. It makes a user of an Interior-Environment look up rather than what’s just in front of them. Specialty ceilings surprise viewers instead of the same flat top with no dimension that they are used to. Flannery sees Architectural drawing plans all the time with new ways to make suspended ceilings exciting for their clients, and we love the challenge of creating different and compelling shapes that can fit perfectly into the design.

Effects of LED’s
Ankitha Gattupalli from ArchDaily states that “by optimizing light levels and accessibility in spatial design, natural balance can be promoted to benefit productivity and sleep cycles…” which is essential if one is designing with wellness practices in mind. Flannery’s LED Trims can help with light integration by making it easier to install LED lights. We have LED trims for walls and ceilings that utilize millwork panels or drywall. Light art can amplify a space in a big way, and our Trims can help make your ambitions a reality. The great thing about LEDs is that anyone can integrate them for a personal home project, or a big commercial building and they look great for both!

Concluding Thoughts
Whether through our Millwork, Specialty Ceiling, or LED Trims, Flannery can help create a more sustainable and user-friendly space for those who inhabit a space, whether it be what they consider home, work, or home away from home. Flannery will continue to grow with the industry and can help you grow, too. If you have an idea for a fresh and new space but need help finding a solution, Flannery is here to help you make that vision come to life!


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