Flannery’s Extensive Portfolio

Over the last few decades, Flannery Trim has made a large footprint in the walls and ceilings industry. Our more significant impact is due to marketing, building trust with our customers, and expanding our product lines to keep up with current building trends.

Sometimes it is not enough to talk about what we are doing, but to show our customers also! We have had the privilege to visit some of the different projects we have provided our trims to. It is so rewarding to see the final stage of a project. Whether it is a school, a stadium, a custom home, or office space, we proudly serve the construction industry and the great people that participate in it. Flannery Trims can be found on many unique projects, so be sure to view our project library to gain insight and inspiration for your next project!

trim,ceilings,walls,project,building,portfolio      trim,ceilings,walls,project,building,portfolio

Ceilings, walls, we do it all!