The Versatility of Flannery’s Plaster & Stucco Trims

Flannery has many metal trim options for your Interior/Exterior Plaster or Stucco project. We have you covered from Reveals, Stucco Stops, Corners, and Soffit Ventilation. Contractors can utilize our Plaster & Stucco trims with up to three layers of stucco, so there are plenty of depths to make them work the way you’d like them to.

Apartment in Arizona with Flannery's Stucco TrimSo, if you want to incorporate dramatic reveals to break up the stucco of your commercial project, you’ve come to the right place. Our popular Plaster Channel Screed (PCS) is great for your typical “square” trim look and even comes in 30+ depths. But if you desire to change things up, we also offer a few “angled” reveal trims; a Plaster Deep V-Reveal and a Plaster Short V-Reveal. But if you require more movement, we have some weeping and expansion reveal options. Our Expansion Reveal has the same look as our Plaster Channel Screed but allows for ¼’’ movement within a stucco finish. Our two Weeping Reveals also have a similar reveal to our PCS but assist in moving water out from behind the plaster layer of a stucco system. They get the name “weeping” from the traditional Weep Screed. Functionality is just as important as the look and feel of your building.

Along with our Reveals, we also offer several Stucco Stops, our F-Mold and J-Mold being among our most popular. The name “Stucco Stop” refers to the trims terminating where a stucco wall and dissimilar material/wall meet. Among our “Stops,” we also have a few Fascia-compatible trims, like our Drip Screeds and Fascia Corner Mold, installed where the Fascia meets the soffit. Our Stucco Stops are great when incorporated with windows, doors, and for various transitions in material changes.

In addition to our typical Reveal and Stucco Stop shapes, we also carry two Corner Trims in our Plaster & Stucco line. Our Plaster Corners are outside corners called an X-Mold and a Plaster Corner Mold. Both create an aesthetic reveal at a 90° corner and are suited for veneer plaster, drywall, and wood panel systems.

Finally, we have our Soffit Ventilation Trims. Many of which are familiar shapes found in our Plaster Reveal and Stucco Stop classifications. We also offer a couple of different EIFS options among our standard profiles. Builders can insert EIFS trims over exterior insulation and finishing soffit before the final finish is applied, and they come in multiple depths and widths for the right amount of ventilation. Our Soffit Vents are perfect for commercial buildings and residential homes alike because they are aesthetic and serve a purpose!

We hope this painted a picture of what our Plaster & Stucco trim can accomplish in your design. Let us know if you have any questions or want to learn more! We would love to make your vision a reality!