Proud Partner of AD (Affiliated Distributors)

Flannery and Affiliated Distributors

Proud Partner

Flannery is your go-to manufacturer of Aluminum Trims for Interior and Exterior Walls and Ceilings. Although we haven’t been a part of AD for very long, we have been in this industry for almost 50 years, so you can rest assured that our products and service are of esteemed quality. Scroll down to learn more about some of the product lines we have to offer!


What We Offer

Drywall Reveal

Drywall Trim

With over 25 different shape options and a wide variety of sizes, our Drywall Trims can complement any interior job with bold reveals, smooth transitions, and crisp
corners! And we now offer Protrusion and Wall Covering Trims!


Acoustical Ceiling Cloud Edge


Strata Ceiling Trim

Our Strata Ceiling Trim line has been the fastest growing line in the last few years as the ceiling industry has evolved drastically. We not only offer classic Edge trims, but also have Transitions and Light Cove Trims!





Panel J-MoldPanel Trim

Our Panel Trims can be used with a variety of panel types on both the interior and the exterior of any job. Our trims are made to fit and complement all kinds of paneling including Fiber Cement, Millwork and even Composite Siding!



This past year that Flannery has been apart of AD has really been amazing. We have enjoyed getting to know more Distributors in all parts of the country and being able to service your neighborhoods. We look forward to establishing this partnership even further for the years to come!