Universal Light Cove Drywall Shelf (ULDS)

Trim Purpose

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Flannery’s Universal Light Cove Drywall Shelf (ULDS) is an extruded aluminum trim that attaches to a vertical wall to create a shelf or ledge for an LED or standard light fixture. The lower leg on the ULDS is built to accommodate drywall and can receive drywall mud to create a seamless transition between the trim and the vertical wall.

Manufacturer’s Specification

Flannery’s Universal Light Cove Drywall Shelf trim is a standard extruded aluminum product with a 6063 T5 alloy with a minimum .063” wall thickness. The ULDS trim is sold in 10’ lengths and come with Grid Clips and Trim Splices to ease their integration into the suspended ceiling system.

Flannery stocks all Strata Trims in our Cloud White factory paint finish or Mill Finish for field painting. Flannery’s Cloud White paint is a factory applied Kynar finish. In addition to our standard finishes, Strata trims can also be ordered in any liquid or powder-coated paint finish. Custom paint orders can be quoted, and samples prepared for approval.

Additional finishes include anodizing, polishing, brushing, and “wood-grain” applications. Take a look at all of our factory finishes that we have to offer and if you can’t find what you are looking for, contact us and let us know and we can get you what you need.

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Product No. Downloads
ULDS 250-525 DWG - Universal Light Cove Drywall Shelf (ULDS)PDF - Universal Light Cove Drywall Shelf (ULDS)


Installation Details

Prior to installation, the installer must coordinate with the LED or light fixture installer for wiring locations and accommodations. Attach the Universal Light Cove Drywall Shelf to each substrate of the vertical wall with approved fasteners. A precisely cut piece of drywall is then fastened to the underside of the ULCD with self-drilling drywall screws.

Apply compound joint over the flange and feather across the piece of drywall accordingly. Use the included Ceiling Cloud Trim Splices to connect one piece of trim to the next for level and clean butt joints. All Strata Cloud trims must be cut accurately and installed with tight, neat joints. Flannery recommends that a carbide tip blade along with blade lubricant be used when cutting any aluminum trim.


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