Universal Light Cove

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Flannery is excited to announce the official launch of our Universal Light Cove Trims! Now, you may wonder, what makes our Light Cove Trims “Universal?” The Universal aspect of our Light Coves stems from the fact that any LED or Light fixture (no matter the manufacturer) can be incorporated with our Light Cove Trims. With the positive response that our LED Trims have gotten in the past because of the freedom to choose whatever LED lighting system to install with our trims, we knew that this would be a beloved feature for our Light Cove Trims that you can’t find anywhere else.

With this launch, we are bringing you FOUR new Trims: ULCE (Universal Light Cove Edge), ULDE (Universal Light Cove Drywall Edge), ULKE (Universal Light Cove Knife Edge), and ULDK (Universal Light Cove Drywall Knife Edge). But these are just the start of this new Strata line; we have more Universal Light Cove Trims to come!

If you are new to Light Cove Trims, here are the different ways they can be utilized in your next interior project! Light Cove Trims help to create an indirect lighting effect above an Acoustical Ceiling Tile or a Drywall Ceiling grid. Our ULCE and ULDE are classic Light Cove Edges that are standard ledges for LEDs or Lighting fixtures to rest upon. Our Light Cove Knife Edges, ULKE, and ULDK have a uniquely sloped 45-degree edge to redirect the LED or Fixture Light. All in all, Light Coves can bring a little extra flair to your interior!