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A Perfect Blend

Flannery’s Millwork Panel Trims

Trim Tip of the Month
When ordering factory fabricated intersections and corners, built with Flannery’s Millwork Panel Trims, be sure to advise us where you would prefer the welds to be on the trim’s flanges. Some paneling may not fit into the trim if the welds are on the inside of the trim’s attachment flanges. We may need to weld the back of the trim to allow for the proper amount of “tuck” needed for the paneling to fit into the trim.
Flannery’s Trims at The Alaska Airlines Center
Opened in fall 2014, the Alaska Airlines Center is a state of the art sports and entertainment venue. Located on the University of Alaska Anchorage’s campus, the 5,000 seat center will host UAA’s sports as well as serve as a community center to a variety of events.

Flannery provided Wood Panel Reveals and Wood Panel X-Molds for the project. Our Wood Panel Reveals accentuate the wood panels in the box office Center as shown in the pictures below.









Millwork Panels and Flannery Trim:The Perfect Blend of a Classic and Modern Design
The millwork industry is built around custom fabricators and millworkers. Millwork panels, also known as wood panels, are mostly designed in house by special craftsmen. Millworkers use their artistry to create decorative pieces from cabinetry to custom wall panels. Millwork panels provide a high end look and can often be seen in the lobbies, hallways, and elevators of most office buildings. Wainscoting is another way millwork panels can be used and has become increasingly popular in home designs.


Flannery first saw the need for Millwork Panel trims when working with Atlantic City’s Golden Nugget project in the spring of 2012. Flannery supplied over 40,000 linear feet of reveals which were combined with custom millwork paneling for the renovation. The finished project created a perfect blend of modern and classic design characteristics, showing us at Flannery the  potential of bringing Aluminum and wood together. This led us to the development of our Millwork Panel Trim line designed to accentuate the look of the wood paneling.  After speaking with the installers at The Golden Nugget and our own extensive research, we designed trims with wider face flanges to allow installers to tuck the millwork panel in behind. We also designed our millwork panel trims to have a smaller reveal which really allows for the wood to stand out on its own.

  Flannery’s Millwork Panel Trims
Since our work on The Golden Nugget project, we have developed six different profiles for millwork panels.Two of the six profiles are reveal trims for millwork panels. The Wood Panel Reveal (WPR 75-375-50) creates a 1/2″ exposed opening between panels while the Wood Panel H-Mold ( WPH 75-375) creates a 3/8″ flatInstall face reveal over two adjoining panels. The Wood Panel H-Mold forms an easy bridge from one wood panel to another. The face flange allows the installer to slide the panels in behind and cover both of the unfinished edges of the panels.

We have also developed three different corner trims for millwork panels. The Wood Panel Outside and Inside corner trims are for millwork panels that meet at a 90 degree outside or inside corner. Flannery’s Wood Panel X-Mold (WPX 75-375) is designed to create a reveal at the outside corner of two millwork panel walls.


Flannery’s Millwork Panel trims are the perfect accessory to accentuate the craftsmanship of millwork panels. Not only do they provide a striking design statement, they will assist in the installation of millwork panels to reduce installation time. To see more of Flannery’s Millwork Panel Trims click here or call us at 818-837-7585.

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