What Are Plaster Reveal Beads?

When remodeling your home, there are so many options for materials that it can begin to get expensive. There are so many different types of trims, frames, and other products that can be used in your home, but what is necessary? Plaster reveal beads help to seal gaps between your windows and door frames. The plaster reveal beads help to create a nice finished look to your home.

Two Different Places To Use Plaster Reveal Beads:

  • Plaster reveal beads can be used around window frames to create a neat and tight finish. The reveal is the part of where the window is actually set. Most houses have a reveal of 20-30 centimeters, but some may not have a reveal at all. Your window might be flush with your house, so you might not need the plaster reveal beads. If you do have a reveal in your window, a plaster reveal bead will help make the window look flush with your house.
  • Plaster reveal beads can be used to seal around the door. Some people will insist on using silicone reveal beads around the door; however this option has it’s disadvantages. It has a short life span, whereas if you choose the plaster reveal beads, it will help keep water from getting behind the plaster reveal in your door frame.

Where to find Plaster Reveal Beads:

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