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  • Plaster Inside Corner Shapefinder R1 BjB 300x300 - Plaster Inside Corner

    Plaster Inside Corner

  • Brake Z Trim Shapefinder 3.5 R1 BjB 300x300 - Brake Z-Trim

    Brake Z-Trim

  • 09 Brake W Mold Shapefinder R2 BjB 300x300 - Brake W-Mold

    Brake W-Mold

At Flannery Trim, we offer a wide variety of brake shapes and flashings with many of them being customizable in size, metal, and finish to create exactly what you need for any home or building project you have planned. Each brake shape serves a unique purpose, while a few of our brake shapes and flashings can be used in more than just one situation.