How To Install Different Types of Plaster Reveal

Remodeling your home, while maybe much needed, can be a drastic undertaking. You not only have the interior but also exterior to remodel as well. Taking on a large project can be extremely overwhelming and stressful. Here at Flannery Trim, we have spent several decades perfecting our trims to provide you with the best quality products for our customers. We not only provide quality products, but our experienced team can help you choose the right trim for your home. One of the more common trim types our customers use is our plaster reveal.

Our plaster reveals and how to install them

  • Plaster Short V-Reveal: Our plaster Short V-Reveal gives an aesthetic reveal in any stucco wall system. It breaks up the plaster or stucco walls by giving horizontal and vertical reveal lines. They are shallow and have a unique angled reveal which can be compared to the “square-shaped” plaster control joint. To install all Plaster V-Reveals, use a ten-foot lengths wherever possible. Attach the V-Reveals over the weather resistant barrier and to the framing with nails, screws, or any other approved fastening methods. They must be cut accurately and installed with tight, neat joints. All the nailing flanges must be covered with lath and all butt joints sealed. 
  • Plaster Deep V-Reveal: The Deep V-Reveal creates the same type of horizontal and vertical reveal lines. The difference between the deep and short v-reveals is the length of the V. The Deep V-Reveal should also be installed the same way the Short V-Reveal is and use the ten-foot lengths wherever possible as well. 
  • Plaster Channel Screed: This creates the same look that the Deep V-Reveal and Short V-Reveal do, but these come in a number of depths for different types of stucco thickness as well as a reveal widths to give your remodel the right design look. You can get our Plaster Channel Screed with Aluminum Alignment Splices or Vinyl Connectors to make your installation process easy and create crip clean butt joints and lines. The Channel Screed should be installed just like the Deep and Short V-Reveal, but we have provided vinyl connector clips with every stick of Channel Screed ordered.

We also recommend that a carbide tip blade be used with lubricant when cutting our aluminum trims. If you are unsure about the instructions here or need help deciding which plaster reveal you need for your home project, please give our office a call and one of our office members would be happy to answer any questions you have. Flannery Trim thrives on providing quality service and products to all of our customers, and we look forward to helping make your next project a great one.