Fascia Trim And Why It Is Vital To Your Home

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When it comes to remodeling and making your house a home, there are a few things you absolutely need and other items that are just nice extras. For example, painting over the drywall is not necessarily a need: it is just kind of expected that you when you walk into someone’s home, their walls are painted so you don’t see the patchy drywall underneath. The same goes for baseboards and crown molding: these things are not necessary to the structure and are not vital to your home, but it helps to make your home more pleasing to the eye. They cover the joints where the wall meets the floor and ceiling and help provide a clean, aesthetic look. What about fascia trim? Is this something that you really need, or is it just another trim that helps make your home look pretty and unique? 

What is Fascia Trim? 

Fascia trim is the board that is mounted where the room meets the outer walls of your house. The fascia trim acts as the finishing edge that connects to the ends of rafters and trusses. It is usually placed directly to the roof trusses and supports the bottom row of tiles that carries and supports the gutters. Typically fascia trim is made of wood, but since wood is known to warp and rot with constant exposure to elements such as the sun, snow, and rain, many companies have been manufacturing fascia trim using vinyl, plastic, and aluminum instead. 

Fascia Trim: Necessary or Expected?

Fascia trim is a necessary and expected trim for your home. Not only does fascia trim look good and create a finished edge look to your home, but it has a great purpose as well. Here are the three main purposes of fascia trim: 

  • Protects from moisture: Fascia trim is designed to block out any moisture from under your roof which not only helps keep your attic dry but also helps with the humidity level throughout the year. 
  • Keep out unwanted creatures: Having unwanted creatures in your house is never good. Fascia trim is designed to keep any unwanted small creatures from crawling in through the crack between the roof and your home to keep your home free of tiny critters. 
  • Ventilation flow through the attic: Everyone dreads grabbing things from the attic because it is either hot and muggy in the summer or cold and drafty in the winter. When you add fascia trim, you block out any moisture in the muggy summer and any drafts during the winter, creating a more pleasant attic space. 

Where can you find quality fascia trim?  

Flannery Trim has been in the trim business since 1975. When our company first began, almost all houses were using wood for finishes and trims. As years went by, and the wood was splitting, molding, and warping, Flannery Trim looked for better ways to prevent unnecessary repairs to trim. We have made it our mission to find the best and most reusable products to keep from unnecessary repairs of wood every few years.  We manufacture our trims from aluminum and steel: tried and true products that can withstand the effects of Mother Nature and her weather. It’s also a more stable solution for pests and critters. No termites will be eating through your home’s aluminum fascia trim. Here are a few other benefits to using our aluminum fascia trim:

  • Completely recyclable
  • Non-toxic and non-combustible for your safety
  • Resists corrosion which makes it last longer
  • Strong in cold climates
  • Easily moldable for custom orders
  • Lightweight for easy installation

If a longer-lasting, more durable fascia trim is what you’ve been looking for, you’ve come to the right place. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you find the best quality fascia trim that fits your home and your style. Our team at Flannery Trim will help you every step of the way so you can rest assured you’re getting exactly what you need for your home. Trust the trim company that has been innovating trim in new ways for decades to make our products and the planet better for everyone.

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