Bullnose Base Plugs

Trim Purpose

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Flannery’s Bullnose Base Plugs are the most inexpensive solution for filling the gap between wood base or crown molding and bullnose corners. Typically, most installers of base molding must stuff some kind of filler into the gap between the molding and the cornerbead. Messy caulk and wood scraps cannot replace the finished look that Flannery’s Bullnose Base and Crown Plugs provide.

Product Description

Flannery’s Base Plugs are tapered to ensure a snug fit. They fit any base or crown corner with a 3/4″ radius, no matter the thickness or height. The Base Plugs are manufactured with a small shoulder, allowing each to have a uniform installation depth. Bullnose Base and Crown Plugs are vinyl injection mold products. They have a standard white color and can receive paint. All of Flannery’s vinyl products are manufactured according to standard specifications for accessories of gypsum wallboard and gypsum veneer base (ASTM designation C 1047-85).

When installing Flannery’s Bullnose Base and Crown Plugs with base molding simply drop it into the gap between your base molding and the bullnose corner. The Plug can be installed at any point during the finishing process.
If installing the Plug with crown molding, apply a small amount of adhesive under the small shoulder of the Plug. Then, slide it up into the gap between the crown molding and the bullnose corner.



Patent # 6,631,597 B1

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