Bullnose Trowel

Trim Purpose

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Have you noticed how that taping trowel you bought at the local hardware store just isn’t getting the job done with your bullnose corners? It may not be working because it was designed for square corners and not the rounded bullnose corners that you have just installed. Flannery’s Bullnose Trowel was designed specifically for 3/4″ Bullnose Corners. It works exceptionally well when running bullnose arches freehand. Flannery has been manufacturing our special Bullnose Trowel for over 25 years.

Manufacturer's Specifications

Flannery’s Bullnose Trowel is an exceptional tool for removing joint compound along bullnose corners. The handle and the head of the trowel are constructed from durable plastic. The taping portion of the trowel is composed of rubber and creates a flexible edge for contact with any 3/4″ bullnose corner. Flannery’s Bullnose Trowel will feather the joint compound evenly on both sides of a corner at once, while removing the excess compound from the exposed portion of the bead. This will in turn eliminate the need for excessive sanding at the exposed surfaces of the cornerbead. Standard trowels require two separate passes along the trim’s taping flanges to get it clean.

Visit one of our online dealers’ websites and compare the cost of a standard drywall taping trowel and Flannery’s Bullnose Trowel. It will be one of the best tools you’ve ever purchased for your home projects or your professional taping crews.

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