Drywall Glazing Track

Trim Purpose

 Specs, MSDS, and LEED Information for Flannery Trims & Products

Flannery’s Drywall Glazing Track helps terminate or frame a window within an interior partition wall or cased openings. Glazing Tracks are used in conjunction with a piece of rubber (provided by theirs) to allow for the installation of a piece of glass. Glazing Tracks completely encapsulate a stud and two layers of gypsum board.

Product Specifications

Flannery’s Aluminum Drywall Trims are standard extruded aluminum alloy 6063 T5 and have .050” nominal wall thickness. Drywall trims come in 10′ lengths and shall have a standard Mill Finish (for field priming & painting) or a Clear Anodized Finish. Other factory finishes and custom paint orders, including Chem-film or Primer, are available.

21 Drywall Glazing Track DWGT Shape Dimen  - Drywall Glazing Track

Part No. “A” Width
DWGT 4875 4 ⅞”

21 Drywall Glazing Track DWGT Install Detail  - Drywall Glazing Track