Furring Wads

Trim Purpose

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Flannery’s Furring Wads allow for consistent spacing between welded or woven wire and building paper. Furring nails have been available for years, but could only be utilized with wood framing. Now, Flannery’s Furring Wads when used with “self-tapping” screws can be used for both steel and wood framing. Our Furring Screws were designed to ensure proper embedment of wire into the stucco.

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Manufacturer's Specifications

Flannery‘s Furring Wads are vinyl injection mold products and come in cases of 5,000 wads. Furring Wads fit most standard screw shafts and can even be used with certain types of nails if necessary.

When installing Flannery’s Furring Screws, the wire strand must be placed in the wad slot to protect against wad rotation caused by the screw gun. Flannery’s Furring Screws can be purchased in different sizes (1 1/4″, 1 5/8″ and 1 7/8″) with the wads attached. The Furring Wads themselves are also available for purchase separately.



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