What Is The Purpose of Bullnose Trim?

Adding bullnose trim to your housing projects is like a perfect game for a pitcher or a shutout in soccer. It gives you that happy feeling that everything is perfect. A pitcher having a no-hitter completes his career and a team defending and having a shutout completes their record. Adding bullnose trim to your house completes your house’s look.

What is bullnose trim?

Bullnose trim is used to add that smooth, perfect, and complete finished edge to your countertops, steps, corners, etc. You can also use bullnose trim for your flooring to finish off your tile design and hide rough corners and edges. It’s also great for completing baseboard decorations as well.

Where can you buy bullnose trim?

When you purchase bullnose trim, you want to make sure that you are getting a great quality piece of bullnose trim that will last through normal wear and tear. Flannery Trim is dedicated to providing our customers with only top quality products. Through the years things may change, but we remain dedicated to you, our customers.  We want to ensure that you have only the best in trim for your house.

Here are a few of our bullnose trim products:  

  • Bullnose Door & Window Trim: This allows you to create a smooth finish on the area between your doors and windows.
  • Bullnose Kerf Trim: This trim has a ⅞” fastening flange with a taping bead for easy finishing. We also have a 3/16” flange that will fit into a notch that is cut out of the door or window frame.
  • Wide Flange Bullnose Corner: This is our original bullnose corner. Many trim installers prefer the larger flange as it gives them a larger fastening surface.

If adding that complete look of bullnose trim to your house is now your next housing project, contact us at Flannery Trim and let us help you find the right quality trim for your projects.