Wide Flange Bullnose Corner

Trim Purpose

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Flannery’s Wide Flange Bullnose Corner was our original bullnose corner. We call it “Wide Flange” because of its wider 7/8″ nailing flange, which is 1/4″ larger than typical bullnose cornerbeads. Many trim installers prefer the larger flange, since it gives them a larger fastening surface. Bullnose corners provide a smooth transition from one wall to another, thus creating a softer look and feel versus standard square cornerbead.

Manufacturer's Specifications

Wide Flange Bullnose Corners have the same 3/4″ radius as their smaller flanged counterparts. Flannery offers a variety of lengths for its Wide Flange Corners, including 8′, 9′, and 10′ lengths. All of Flannery’s Bullnose Corners have fastening holes along the flange to assist in their attachment to the gypsum board. Flannery steel trims are manufactured according to standard specifications for accessories of gypsum wallboard and gypsum veneer base (ASTM designation C 1047-85).

Length Radius Ft./Ctn. Steel
7′ 3/4″ 400′ Yes
8′ 3/4″ 400′ Yes
9′ 3/4″ 400′ Yes
10′ 3/4″ 400′ Yes
01 Wide Flange Bullnose Corner Shape Dim 1000 R1 BjB - Wide Flange Bullnose Corner

When installing Flannery’s Wide Flange Bullnose Corner, the drywall must be kept back a 1/4″ from the corner of the framing to allow for the curve of the bullnose corner. Install with nails, screws, construction staples, or adhesive. Consider using our Locking 3-way Corner Caps for adjoining corners or our Bullnose Kerf around doors and windows.

01 Wide Flange Bullnose Corner 3D Iso BjB - Wide Flange Bullnose Corner

01 Wide Flange Bullnose Corner 3D Iso Install 1000 BjB - Wide Flange Bullnose Corner
01 Wide Flange Bullnose Corner Install Detail 1000 R1 BjB 1 - Wide Flange Bullnose Corner