Bullnose Trim At An Affordable Price

When remodeling your home, you want only the best. Not only do you want the best, but you’d like to save money every place you can. When deciding where to cut costs, you may think of cutting small things like bullnose trim, by purchasing your bullnose trim from Flannery trim, you can get quality trim at an affordable price, so you can save money to use for other areas of your remodel.

What is the purpose of bullnose trim?

Bullnose trim is used to provide smooth and round edges for not only countertops, but staircases, windows, and other corner areas. Bullnose trim is often used to frame the outer edges of tile designs. Most bullnose trim is used around bullnose tile: the tile used to design trim pieces in showers, countertops, and other similar areas.

Where can I find bullnose trim?

Flannery Trim has been in the trim business since 1975 and is a family owned and operated business. We are focused on making a wide range of trim products that can not only be used on the interior but also exterior of your home. We began as aluminum and steel trim, but now also include vinyl and other various products. We take pride in our customer service and are ready to help you find the perfect pieces, made from great quality, but at affordable prices.  

Here are our options for bullnose trim and tools needed to complete your renovations:

  • Bullnose Door & Window Trim: This bullnose trim will give you that complete rounded-corner look for your windows and doors. This product will give you a clean and smooth transition from drywall to your doors or windows. Our bullnose trim comes in ½” and ⅝” to allow you to match the thickness of drywall in your home. We also offer 8”, 9”, and 1” lengths.
  • Bullnose Kerf Trim: Our bullnose kerf trim is a great choice to transition from drywall to door or window. This product also gives the corners that clean round finish that you desire. Our sizing options for the bullnose kerf trim are ⅞” and 3/16”.

Creating that smooth, clean, finished look around your doors and windows is achievable and affordable by using our bullnose trim. Contact us today to find the right pieces for your project.