The Importance of Drywall Corners

If we lived in a perfect world, remodeling jobs would be done effortlessly and quickly with minimal clean up required. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Projects that were going to take at the most a week, have now been pushed back further and further due to the busy nature of life. In a perfect world, everything would come together well and only need one piece to get the job done; trim would come in the exact shape of our stairs, and drywall would meet together with the perfect seams. Once again, this is not the case and why adding drywall corners to your home remodeling projects is vital.

Where can you find quality drywall corners for your remodeling project?

Flannery Trim is a company that is focusing its efforts on providing builders and homeowners with top-quality trim for projects indoor and outdoor. We manufacture a large range of trim products that can help amplify the beauty of your home.

Here are a few of our top quality drywall corners:

    • Beveled Drywall Corner: This beveled drywall corner is a unique outside corner trim that not only provides an aesthetic corner effect but is sturdy as well. This drywall corner can be used with any thickness of drywall.
    • Drywall Outside Corner: This drywall outside corner is a high strength alternative to galvanized or plastic corner bead. Since it is made thicker, this can be used in a high traffic area that might need some extra protection.
  • Drywall Reveal Corner:  Our drywall reveal corner is aluminum trim for the outside corners of drywall. This creates a “stepped” reveal look where two walls of drywall meet. Once the drywall corner has been set, you have the look of a reveal instead of a sharp corner bead look.

Having drywall corners for your remodeling projects are a must to get that completed look. Contact our trim experts at Flannery Trim, and we can help get you the drywall corners you need.