Hat Channel Vent

Trim Purpose

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Flannery’s Hat Channel Vents create a ventilation strip that is flush with a desired soffit material. Hat Channel Vents are typically fastened to the framing prior to the soffit material is installed. The Hat Channel Vent is a brake formed metal product that is available in Aluminum, Copper, Stainless and Galvanized Steel.

Manufacturer's Specifications

Flannery’s Brake Formed Vents are available in a number of metals and finishes. They can be specified in the following metals: .040” Thick Clear Anodized Aluminum; .040” Thick Mill Finish Aluminum; 26 ga. Copper; 26 ga. Stainless Steel T-304 #2 “Mill Finish”; 26 ga. Stainless Steel T-304 #4 “Brushed” Finish; and 26 ga. Galvanized Steel. Brake Formed products can be ordered in custom sizes and paint finishes. Brake formed products should be installed per the specifying architect or engineers’ instructions. All Vent Slots are 1/8” wide, 1” long and are configured at 1½” on center lengthwise and ½” on center laterally.

Part No.“A” Depth“B” WidthVent slots per rowVent slots per footAvailable Metals
HCV 50-V-15-XX1/2″1 1/2″22″ sq.All
HCV 50-V-20-XX1/2″2″33″ sq.All
HCV 50-V-30-XX1/2″3″55″ sq.All
HCV 50-V-40-XX1/2″4″77″ sq.All
HCV 62-V-15-XX5/8″1 1/2″22″ sq.All
HCV 62-V-20-XX5/8″2″33″ sq.All
HCV 62-V-30-XX5/8″3″55″ sq.All
HCV-62-V-40-XX5/8″4″77″ sq.All
HCV 75-V-15-XX3/4″1 1/2″22″ sq.All
HCV 75-V-20-XX3/4″2″33″ sq.All
HCV 75-V-30-XX3/4″3″55″ sq.All
HCV 75-V-40-XX3/4″4″77″ sq.All
HCV 87-V-15-XX7/8″1 1/2″22″ sq.All
HCV 87-V-20-XX7/8″2″33″ sq.All
HCV 87-V-30-XX7/8″3″55″ sq.All
HCV 10-V-15-XX1″1 1/2″22″ sq.All
HCV 10-V-20-XX1″2″33″ sq.All
hat channel vent - Hat Channel Vent

Vent Area Graph

Reveal WidthVent SlotsApprox Vent Area Per Lineal Foot
1/2″11 Square Inch
3/4″11 Square Inch
5/8″11 Square Inch
7/8″11 Square Inch
1″11 Square Inch
1 1/2″22 Square Inches
2″33 Square Inches
2 1/2″33 Square Inches
3″55 Square Inches
4″77 Square Inches
6″99 Square Inches

Attach Hat Channel Vents to the framing with nails, screws, or other approved fastening methods. Flannery’s Brake Formed Vents are also available with bug screen upon request.