Is A Window Drip Cap Necessary For Windows?

Whether you are remodeling or building your own home, the question always arises, “Is this necessary?” Do you really need crown moulding around the ceiling or is that just extra? Would gluing or stapling the carpet be a better long lasting option? One of the questions many homeowners have during their projects is, “Are window drips caps necessary around your window?” We’re here to answer this question for you.

What are window drip caps?

A window drip cap is an L-shaped flashing that covers your windows after they have been installed but before your siding is installed around the window frame. One leg of the “L” goes over the window while the other leg lies behind the siding that will go above. This is used over the top piece of trim to shed water away from your home.

Do you need the window drip cap?

The short answer is, yes. Without the window drip cap installed around your window, the water will either seep into your home and leak all around your window or it will seep into the middle of your double-paned windows. Neither of these options are good ones. The best way to prevent water seepage into your windows is by installing the window drip cap. While caulking may be an option instead of the window drip cap, it is not recommended. Years later the caulk will break down and crack, still allowing water seepage to happen. Window drip caps are a longer lasting option to prevent water seepage and provide better coverage than caulk.

Where can you get quality window drip caps?

Flannery Trim, Inc. has been providing trim to contractors and homeowners for over four decades. We have developed the necessary trims to provide the best quality available.  We take pride in our reputation and enjoy producing quality work to all our customers.