What is Fascia Trim?

Fascia trim is a small but very important part when installing rafters on your home. The fascia is the cap on the end of the rafters that holds the rain gutters and also protects your home from leaves, rain, snow, and anything else nature throws its way from blowing into your home while also allowing ventilation into your attic. Fascia trim helps keep out small animals, such as birds, bats, squirrels or raccoons looking for a place to rest. If you live somewhere that receives plenty of rain or wind, fascia trim is especially important for your home in protecting against water or pieces of nature getting in and potentially ruining your attic.

Flannery Trim’s Fascia Corner Mold

At Flannery Trim, we provide a fascia corner mold that creates a transition corner where a stucco fascia edge meets a stucco soffit. Our fascia trim can be customized to a specific radius when needed as well as have a customized finish applied to it. We make our fascia corner molds from standard extruded aluminum alloy with nominal wall thickness.

Benefits of using aluminum for fascia trim:

• Completely recyclable when no longer needed
• Non-toxic for your safety
• Resists corrosion to help it last longer
• Stronger in colder climates
• Easily moldable for custom orders
• Lightweight for ease of installation
• Non-combustable for safety
• Less costly than other materials
• Has a timeless look

If you are working on your home and are interested in having Flannery Trim create a custom order fascia for your home, contact us today for a quote. Our experts can help you choose the right finish, color, and size fascia corner mold to match your trim and create a clean, beautiful look.