Where To Find Quality Plaster Window Reveal?

Putting windows in your home is necessary; however, the gaps around the windows are not. There are a few different ways that you can fill the gaps between the windows and your wall: you can either add wood trim or a plaster window reveal. Adding the plaster window reveal can sometimes even make your room appear larger by properly bridging the gap.

Where can you find quality plaster window reveal to fix those gaps?

Flannery Trim has been in the trim making business since 1975. We know what it means to have quality materials for your housing projects. We understand that you don’t want to be replacing odds and ends in your house every year. We provide you with quality trim work for not only the interior of your house, but the exterior as well. With our on-site warehouse, we can provide you with several different options of trim.

We offer a wide variety of plaster window reveal trims:

  • Plaster Window Return: This acts as a stucco stop. This is typically installed where a stucco wall ends at the recess for any window.
  • Veneer Plaster J-Mold: This is an edge trim that allows you to attach it to the framing before installation of the gypsum board.
  • Plaster Channel Screed: This comes in several different sizes and thickness to give you the complete look of plaster window reveal you desire.
  • Plaster F-Mold: These molds are available to you in aluminum with alignment splices to help create clean joints and lines.
  • Plaster T-Mold: This can also act as a stucco stop much like the plaster window return.

If you’re looking into filling the gaps between your window and home, contact our team at Flannery Trim today and let us help you find the perfect plaster window reveal to seal those holes.